Rockies 2011 At-Bat Songs

Whenever I go to a Rockies game, I love to sing along with the players’ at-bat songs. Maybe it’s just me, but I think the music adds to the ball park atmosphere, and when I hear songs on the radio that I’ve heard at Coors, I’m always reminded of baseball. Here’s a list of the songs I’ve been able to figure out so far. If you know any more please feel free to comment!

Matt Belisle:

Rafael Betantcourt:

Rex Brothers:

Jhoulys Chacin: Si No Le Contesto – Plan B

Aaron Cook:

Matt Daley:

Jorge De La Rosa:

Edgmer Escalona:

Jason Hammel: Reminder – Jay-Z

Ubaldo Jimenez: Run This Town – Jay-Z

Matt Lindstrom: Communication Breakdown – Led Zeppelin, Fireman – Lil Wayne

Clayton Mortensen:

Juan Nicasio:

Greg Reynolds:

Matt Reynolds:

Cory Riordan:

Josh Roenicke:

Esmil Rogers:

Huston Street: Hate Me Now (instrumental) – Nas

Chris Iannetta: Up All Night – Drake

Jose Morales: Deliverance – Bubba Sparxx

Matt Pagnozzi:

Mark Ellis:

Jason Giambi: Wolfpack Theme – Kevin Nash

Hector Gomez:

Todd Helton: My Kinda Party – Jason Aldean

Jonathan Herrera: OMG – Usher

Chris Nelson:

Ian Stewart: The Show Goes On – Lupe Fiasco, Coming Home – Diddy-Dirty Money

Troy Tulowitzki: Baby – Justin Bieber

Ty Wigginton: La Grange – ZZ Top

Eric Young Jr.:

Charlie Blackmon: Your Love – The Outfield

Dexter Fowler: Poison – Bell Biv DeVoe, Superbad – James Brown

Carlos Gonzalez: Abusadora – Wisin y Yandel

Seth Smith: Manifesto – The City Harmonic

Ryan Spilborghs: Roxanne – The Police


Rising Rockies Stars: From the Minors to “The Show”

With today’s final exhibition game, Spring Training is drawing to a close, and the Rockies have almost finalized the Opening Day roster. Throughout the spring, we’ve seen some impressive players, and I want to take a look at some of this season’s most promising Rockies minor leaguers.

  • Clayton Mortensen: He went 1-0 in 4 appearances, struck out 4, gave up 1 ER, and had a 0.82 ERA. Mortensen has had an impressive spring, showing the Rockies his capabilities. Although it is unlikely he will make the Opening Day roster, he will probably be a starter at Triple-A Colorado Springs and may come up later in the season.
  • Rex Brothers: He went 0-0 in 8 appearances, struck out 11, gave up 2 ER, and had a 2.25 ERA. Based on their earlier statements, the Rockies are excited about Brothers. With his plus fastball, he figures to be a talented late inning reliever and a possible Major League closer before long.
  • Tyler Matzek: In his first full season in the minors, he had a 2.92 ERA and almost a strike out per inning at 8.9 per nine innings. He is officially the Rockies’ top prospect, and has a promising future ahead.
  • Christian Friedrich: Friedrich had a decent last season, although he went through some ups and downs. However, he did play in the 2010 Future’s Game and may come up to the Majors at some point this year.

Keep an eye out for these pitchers, along with John Maine, Eric Stults, Greg Reynolds, and Matt Reynolds; we could be seeing them in the Majors soon.

  • Willin Rosario: Rosario is the top catching prospect in the organization, with the ability to hit for average and power, as well as an over 40-percent success rate throwing out runners. Although he tore his ACL last season, he is almost fully healed and will likely see time in the Majors soon, especially if Chris Iannetta or Jose Morales struggles.
  • Jordan Pacheco: A converted infielder, Pacheco earned ample playing time this spring. He has the potential to be a .300+ hitter and continues to improve at his position. In addition, I know from experience that Pacheco is humble and good with fans, willing to sign autographs for every fan who wanted one after the game. Here, Pacheco poses for a photo with me after a Spring Training game.
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for March 2011 Spring Training 269.jpg
  • Eric Young Jr.: EY has seen the Majors before. He needs to work on more consistent fielding and getting on base more often. However, there’s no denying the benefit of his speed on the base-paths, and we will almost certainly be seeing him again soon.
  • Chris Nelson: Nelson got himself noticed during his brief stint in the Majors last year. He chose to steal the first base of his professional career, and apparently thought home would be the best bag to take. His aggressive approach and speed make him a valuable player, and he will also likely see playing time in the Majors this season.
Thumbnail image for March 2011 Spring Training 173_2.jpg
  • Hernan Iribarren: In 16 games this spring he has hit .286, 4 RBI, 7 runs, and 4 stolen bases. He could potentially help the Rockies if Tulo gets injured again.
  • Also look out for Alfredo Amezaga and Hector Gomez.
  • Willy Taveras: Willy is in an interesting position. After having great seasons with the Rockies in 2007 and 2008, Taveras had ups and downs in Cincinnati and Washington D.C.  Ironically, while he was with the Rockies the last time, he spent time helping a young prospect by the name of Dexter Fowler. Now Fowler is the starter, and Taveras is back with the Rockies and fighting for his spot on the roster. Although he will not start the season in the Majors, as the Rockies are going with a 4-man outfield, be sure to look out for Willy at Coors.
  • Charlie Blackmon: This spring, Blackmon has hit .314 in 19 games, with 6 RBI, 9 runs, and 1 stolen base. His versatility could spell a chance for him to get the call up later in the season.
  • Cole Garner: In 17 games this spring Garner has hit .364, with 6 runs, and 3 RBI. He has received ample playing time this spring, which could be an indication that he will eventually get the call up to the majors.
Please feel free to comment or give suggestions!
Photos are my or my family’s original work.

Spring Training at Salt River Fields

For Rockies fans, Scottsdale is the place to be during March.

As most fans know, the Rockies have a beautiful new Spring Training complex, Salt River Fields at Talking Stick. Not only does it make Spring Training much more effective and enjoyable for players, as they have been quick to point out, but it also provides a wonderful fan experience.
Thumbnail image for March 2011 Spring Training 277.jpg
For example, fans can get closer to the fields and batting cages. If they arrive early enough, they might even get to see a team meeting on the practice field. The complex is fan-friendly, and makes it easy to talk to players and get autographs.
Now, players, managers, and fans know that most fans come to spring training for autographs. Here are a few tips so you can maximize your “autograph getting”.
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for March 2011 Spring Training 094.jpg
1. Be polite when you ask for a player’s autograph. This means no yelling or heckling when they come by. While they should pay attention to fans, players are busy and it is more important that they warm up and work out.
2. Know the players’ names before you ask them! If you don’t know, and especially if you ask, it looks bad. If you do know their names, try to compliment them on something specific. They will remember you later.
Esmil Rodgers, recently announced as the Rockies 5th starter,
signs my baseball.
Thumbnail image for March 2011 Spring Training 038.jpg
3. Arrive early! The main gate usually opens around 10 A.M., but many fans arrive earlier and stake out the practice fields and the batting cages.
4. Find a good spot. Follow the crowds and figure out where the players are. After they take batting practice they will often sign autographs. Later, they will sign on the actual field right before the game begins.
Ryan Spilborghs signs an autograph for me after taking BP.
Spring Training provides a wonderful opportunity for fans to see players who they otherwise might not see during the regular season – in other words, up and coming minor leaguers.
Thumbnail image for Scoreboard: Unknown
It’s always cool if fans can identify a minor leaguer or a player who is new to the organization before the people running the scoreboard. In this case, the 3rd baseman was Tug Hulett, who came over from the Red Sox.
Thumbnail image for March 2011 Spring Training 044.jpg
Now, just as with any sporting event, fans should be aware of their risk of injury. Especially because fans are closer to the fields and batting cages, it is not uncommon for fans who are not paying attention to get hit.
Thumbnail image for March 2011 Spring Training 192.jpg
Fans should also remember to drink water. Arizona gets hot, even in March, and ballpark drinks like beer and lemonade won’t cut it. Water keeps people from dehydrating and needing to be taken out of the ballpark like this umpire.
For all fans, not just Rockies aficionados, and for Phoenix residents, I highly recommend going to Don and Charlie’s if you get a chance. It features a collection of sports memorabilia rivaled by only the Hall of Fame and has a great atmosphere and wonderful food. It is a bit of a hot spot even for professional athletes, and you might spy a sports legend there on any given night. (The night we went, Tracy Ringolsby and George Brett were there.) However, you must make reservations well in advance.
Please feel free to comment or leave suggestions!
All photos are my or my family’s original work and were taken March 11 or 12, 2011.

Get Out To A Game

If you’re like me, you love going to a baseball game. Even if you aren’t like me, games are still a great experience. Baseball is the American pastime.

During the spring and summer, little boys and girls all across the country play baseball and softball, whether on teams or in their backyards with a couple of friends. A lot of these teams, including my brother’s and some friends’, hold fundraisers, and some of these fundraisers involve selling tickets to Major League Games.
If you would like to get out to a Rockies game this summer AND support kids’ baseball teams, consider buying tickets from them, or contact Jim Elliott at 720-351-8505. He can offer discounted tickets for the first-base side, sections 116 and 117, for the following games:
Sunday, May 1 at 1:10 vs. Pittsburgh
Sunday, May 15 at 1:10 vs. San Diego
Thursday, Aug. 4 at 6:40 vs. Washington
Monday, Sept. 5, at 1:10 vs. Arizona
Sunday, Sept. 11 at 1:10 vs. Cincinnati
Sunday, Sept. 18 at 1:10 vs. San Francisco
Not only is baseball the American pastime, but the games are fun for everyone, with ballpark food, an exciting atmosphere, and a chance to see some great athletes. I’ll be at Coors as often as possible this summer, and I hope to see you all there! I highly recommend taking a day to watch some Rockies action!

Coors Field Tour – Behind the Scenes

My parents know me too well.
For my birthday, they got tickets for a tour of Coors Field. I wonder how they knew I needed something to break up the monotony of the off-season? Maybe it was because I told them. Or maybe because I’ve been counting down the days until the season starts – only 48 left!
The tour was a great experience, and even made me feel a little bit like a VIP. After all, how many people get to go in the press box, suites, clubhouse, dugout, and meeting areas? Well, I guess the answer is anyone who takes the tour, but still, it was a real treat!

Coors Field Tour 1_1.jpg
Wow, we were cold for this part of the tour. We are at the third deck listening to the guide tell about the history of the Rockies and of Coors Field. I was proud that I already knew a lot of the information, thanks to 100 Things Rockies Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die by Adrian Dater.
Coors Field Tour 2.jpg
The guide said this was almost exactly how the field looked on Opening Day, April 26, 1995 (the first year the Rockies played at Coors). The only difference? Imagine a green field amid seats covered with 5 inches of snow. The field has a heating system beneath it that can melt all the snow within hours, and helps start growing the grass in February (otherwise, not usually the best time for grass). It was a bit strange seeing the stands completely empty, though. Hopefully they’ll be the exact opposite for every game this season!
Here’s a little fun fact. The longest home run ever hit by a Rockie at Coors landed in the doorway of the third deck furthest to the right in this photo. Last season, Cargo hit a walk-off homer to complete his cycle that landed in the third row of that deck, right below that same doorway. His homer was about 12 feet shorter than the longest, hit by Larry Walker.
Coors Field Tour 3.jpg
This statue commemorates last year’s All-Star game in Anaheim, the home of Disneyland. Each team, as well as the National League and the American League, has a personalized Mickey. I especially liked the fact that Dinger is included on Mickey’s foot.
Coors Field Tour 5_1.jpg

Coors Field Tour 4_1.jpg
Welcome to the press box, and hopefully my future workplace. The guide told us this is a visitors’ press box, not KOA’s or FSN’s, sadly. He also explained that the people in the press box see their fair share of foul balls, then proceeded to point out several dents in the walls. It looks like I will need quick reflexes if I work here!

Coors Field Tour 6.jpg
Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed in the Rockies clubhouse. However, the visitors’ clubhouse is the next best thing! The room holds 25 lockers (although the Rockies’ has twice as many, which are twice as large). The players get to recline on extremely comfortable couches, and, if they happen to win the World Series, they might even be allowed to dance on the tables. When the Red Sox won, the Big Papi, David Ortiz, did exactly that, leaving a cleat mark on the table as evidence.
Coors Field Tour 7.jpg
Coors Field provides all toiletries players could ever want. This is the area they call they “beauty salon” where visiting players can find almost every brand of shampoo, deodorant, etc. known to man.
Coors Field Tour 8.jpg
This is the visitors’ batting cage. While the Rockies have two cages, locate right next to the dugout, visiting clubs only have one, which is conveniently located as far from the dugout as possible. As our guide explained, this strategy, along with Colorado’s thin mountain air, hopefully makes players a little winded after they run from here to the field.
Coors Field Tour 9.jpg
Once we got to the dugout, we wanted to act like the players do when they watch the game. The solution? We leaned on the railing!
Coors Field Tour 10.jpg
Here is a better view of everyone in the dugout, as wel
l as the press boxes up above.
Coors Field Tour 12.jpg
Every time a Rockies player goes to the All-Star Game, their name goes on the wall of Colorado Rockies All-Stars. Below are the three who went during the 2010 season – Ubaldo Jimenez, Troy Tulowitzki, and Keith Dugger. Hopefully these guys, as well as other players, including Carlos Gonzalez, will earn many more stars.
Coors Field Tour 11.jpg
For anyone interested in taking a tour of Coors Field, I highly recommend it! The guide was knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and it’s a chance to see areas of the park that are otherwise unaccessable for fans. Go to the Rockies website for more information.
All photos are my original work.

Spring Training Status

Although it may not seem like it, what with the weather colorado has been getting, spring training is fast approaching. Pitchers and catchers for the Rockies report to camp in just two weeks (Feb. 14) and position players report on Feb. 21.

Dan O’Dowd has been busy this offseason. The Rockies made Major League headlines with several signings and trades – most notably Troy Tulowitzki’s and Carlos Gonzalez’s. However, the team also made other significant deals.

We’ve lost several significant players this season, whether to trades or free agency.
  • After Brad Hawpe left the team, fans speculated that Clint Barmes would be next. Although he had a decent season, batting .235 with 8 homers and 50 RBIs, it was a step down from his performances in ’08 and ’09, and the Rockies traded him to the Astros for the hard-throwing righty Felipe Paulino. I wish Barmes the best of luck in Houston, and I’m glad he has a chance to play shortstop. Hopefully Paulino will live up to his potential and have a great season in Colorado.

  • We traded Miguel Olivo to the Jays before he went on to sign with the Mariners. Olivo had an outstanding season, both defensive and offensive, and many fans – myself included – thought he should have been an All-Star. He threw out 42% of base-stealers, and provided some clutch hitting. I’ll be sad to see him go, but maybe 2011 will be Chris Iannetta’s breakout season.

  • Jeff Francis, once the Rockies leader for number of wins in a season, is now a Kansas City Royal. Although he was an ace-caliber pitcher in ’07, his injuries have prevented a return to form. It looks like the Royals are hoping 2011 will be his comeback year. Good luck to him with his new team.

  • Joe Beimel – he seemed to me like a low key guy. He didn’t get much hype, even though he had perfect outings more often than not and maintained an ERA under 4 (3.40 to be exact). I think of him every time I see a Dodge commercial (which plays Johnny Cash’s “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” in the background) and I’m going to miss seeing him in Colorado.
As well as losing significant players, the Rockies have also signed some guys they (and I) hope will help lead the team to another Rocktober. Here are some that I’m most excited to see.
  • Ty Wiggington – We all love Todd Helton. How can we not when he’s the face of the franchise and a baseball icon? However, even I must admit that he’s slowing down a little. When Helton needs a day off, it seems like Wiggington will be an excellent first baseman, especially because he’s proven he has some pop in his bat.

  • Pedro Lopez – That second base job is still up for grabs. Although several players, including Jonathan Herrera, Eric Young Jr., and Chris Nelson, have proven they are possible candidates, Lopez, a veteran, has as good a chance as any, and will hopefully make a big impact with the Rockies.

  • Goodness knows the Rockies are always looking for solid pitchers. Hopefully Matt Lindstrom will be a dependable asset, either in the bullpen or in the starting rotation.

  • Some fans predict that ’11 will be Iannetta’s breakout year. I hope it’s true, but if he needs a little help once in a while, the Rockies have some backups, including Jose Morales. He’ll need to improve his batting average, but he could be an important factor in the team’s success.

  • Willy Taveras – When I heard we got Willy back I was ecstatic! His speed is definitely an asset for the Rockies. Just imagine a lineup with CarGo, Dexter, and Willy in the outfield, and then try to picture the Rockies opponents finding a gap in the outfield. Other teams are going to have a hard time getting hits past those three.
Most of the Rockies core has stayed intact – and those players are looking to be a part of a phenomenal season and post-season.
  • As I mentioned before (and as almost everyone, even non fans, has heard) the Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzki signed multi-year contracts during this offseason. (I hoped it would only be a matter of time before we locked down CarGo, even though his agent, Scott Boras, is known for not letting his players sign big deals before they reach free agency.) We definitely have both guys until 2017, and Tulo until 2020, so, hopefully, here’s to a decade of recurring Silver Sluggers, Gold Gloves, and All-Star nominations!

  • Ian Stewart, Seth Smith, and Chris Iannetta are also sticking around. All three players have demonstrated slugging abilities, and Stewart is a top defensive player. Hopefully working with the new Rockies hitting coach, Carney Lansford, will help them get back to top hitting form and run production.

  • Thanks to the Rockies ability to avoid arbitration, the starting rotation is almost intact. Ubaldo Jimenez and Jorge De La Rosa are a formidable front of the rotation, Jason Hammel is a consistently solid starter, and Jhoulys Chacin is poised to have a breakout season. Chacin went 9-11 last season, and didn’t even spend the full season in the majors! He has a chance to become a Jimenez-like ace in 2011. The last rotation spot is still up for grabs, but several players, including Greg Smith, Esmil Rogers, and even Franklin Morales, have shown that they could be up to the task.
Some of the Rockies top prospects will also be reporting to Major League camp. Watch out for the guys, including Jordan Pacheco, Willin Rosario, Christian Friedrich, and Tyler Matzek who could be making an appearance in the Majors before long.
With all that has transpired this offseason, it looks to me like the Rockies have a very bright future. Spring training will determine where and at what level some of these guys play, and I look forward to going to a couple games at the new Salt River Fields complex. Best of luck to you Rockies!

The Birth of Purple Pride

The Beginning

I started following the Rockies during their pennant run in 2007. Unlike other rockies “fans” however, I didn’t simply jump on the bandwagon.

I finished my homework early one night, so I sat down to watch baseball with my dad. The Rockies actually won that game (a shock to me, as they had lost all 10 or so games I had ever watched before). The game fascinated me, and after three short hours I was hooked. That night happened to be September 16, 2007, the first night of the team’s 11-game win streak and the incredible 21 of 22 run.
During the rest of the ’07 season, I never missed a game, and I’m proud to say that since then I’ve embodied the term “die-hard fan.”
About Me
My appearance is pretty definitive – it says, “This girl really likes her Rockies!” I tend to go all out: team T-shirts, jewelry, accessories, and dyed purple streaks in my hair. Like I said – a die-hard fan.
I watch/ listen to every game (unless my schedule prohibits me, so more like 155 games each season) and go to as many as possible each season, including spring training.
I really have no favorite players, as it’s impossible to choose one or two when they are all great. I do especially love Carlos and Tulo, but what Rockies fan doesn’t?
What’s the Point?

I’m interested in pursuing a career in sports journalism, hopefully broadcast. Several people in  the journalism business suggested that I start a blog, and I figured, why not? It’s a great opportunity, and I get to discuss my favorite topic! Hopefully this will be the start of an exciting journey… 🙂
Please feel free to comment or ask questions!